How to Reset a Sony Trinitron KV-32S42 TV

You can use your Sony Trinitron KV-32S42 TV to receive signals from cable, antenna and satellite systems, and you can connect it to a VCR or a DVD player. It comes with a remote control and has settings to control parental lockout, picture-in-picture and other features. After using it for a while, you may make some changes to the settings, and later find that the configuration no longer suits your needs. You can easily reset your Sony Trinitron KV-32S42 TV by following a few simple steps.

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Press the "Power" button to turn on your Sony Trinitron KV-32S42 TV.


Aim the Sony Trinitron KV-32S42's remote control directly at the TV.


Press the "Set Up" button on the Sony Trinitron KV-32S42 TV's remote control while simultaneously pressing the "Power" button on the TV. The TV will turn itself off automatically, and then turn itself back on. It will now be reset to its factory settings.

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