How to Reset a Zenith Concierge Television

Zenith's Concierge television is a model for hotels and motels. It hooks up to an antenna, cable TV, VCR or DVD player so guests can watch TV shows and movies. After your guest checks out, she may have made changes to the TV settings, such as contrast, brightness, color, tint or sharpness, or may have set up parental controls to block access to certain channels. You can easily reset the Zenith Concierge back to normal operation and with parental controls removed by following a few simple steps.


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Things You'll Need

  • Installer's remote control


Press the "Power" button on the Installer's remote control to turn on the TV.


Press and hold down the "Menu" button on the remote for about six seconds until the menu disappears.


Press the "9," "8," "7," "6" and "CC" buttons in succession. This resets the TV to factory default settings.

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