How to Reset My MetroPCS Voicemail Message

By Kristy Robinson

MetroPCS, an unlimited prepaid cell phone service provider, allows customers to reset their voicemail greeting to the standard greeting or change to a different personalized greeting. The greetings are available on all MetroPCS phones, including Android and BlackBerry smartphones. The voicemail greeting is the message your callers hear before they are able to leave a message. The standard greeting provides your phone number and tells callers you are unavailable. Alternatively, you may choose to record your name followed by the standard unavailable message or choose a completely personalized message.

Step 1

Press and hold the "1" key on your MetroPCS phone. Alternatively, you may dial your full 10-digit phone number from any other phone.

Step 2

Press the "*" key when the automated greeting begins to play.

Step 3

Enter your voicemail password. If you have forgotten your password, call customer service at 888-8METRO8 (888-863-8768) and follow the prompts. If transferred to a live agent, request the voicemail password to be reset.

Step 4

Press "4" to change your personal options, then press "3" to change your greeting.

Step 5

Press "1" to select the standard greeting. Press "2" to record your name, which callers hear followed by a standard greeting. Press "3" to record a new personal message. If you select Option 2 or 3, the system plays your recording and prompts you to accept or change the message. Press "#" once you have the greeting reset and are done. Press "*" to exit and hang up the phone.