How to Reset the DIRECTV Parental Code

By Mandy Slake

DirecTV parental controls allow you to set viewing limits on your DirecTV receiver. You can use parental controls to limit the channels and program ratings to keep children from viewing inappropriate materials. You can also set limits on viewing hours, and set a maximum charge for pay-per-view programs. To change the parental control settings, you need to enter a passcode. You can reset the passcode through the receiver's menu.

Step 1

Press the "MENU" button on your DirecTV remote control to access the quick menu.

Step 2

Open the "Parental Controls" menu. On some receivers, you will need to open the "Parental, Fav's & Setup" menu first.

Step 3

Select "Edit Settings" and open the "Passcode" option.

Step 4

Type your old passcode. The receiver will prompt you to type a new passcode, then type it again to confirm the change.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have forgotten your parental controls passcode, you will need to contact DirecTV to reset the code. There is no way to reset the code through the receiver. You can contact the customer care department at 800-347-3288.