How to Restart a Television Show With Time Warner Cable

By Jennifer Lahl

The days of only watching a television show live are gone. There are several options for starting a show over if you have Time Warner Cable. Though it varies according to your geographic area and cable market, there are more than 20,000 shows available on Time Warner Cable with the "start over" enhancement. Another option for starting a show over again is to use digital video recording and record the show. Time Warner Cable covers DVR capacity in many of its markets. A third option is rewinding to the beginning of the show if you have a digital DVR cable box.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital cable box
  • Cable remote control

Start Over

Step 1

Press the "Select" button when you see the enhanced television prompt button on "Start Over" enabled stations. The "Select" button is a round button that may say OK/SEL or something similar.

Step 2

Press the "Select" button a second time. The television program will start over.

Step 3

Press "C" immediately after pressing the "Select" button the first time to return to live television rather than start the show over, or press the "Live" button at any time to switch back to live television.

Recorded Shows

Step 1

Press the "Stop" button on your remote control while the television program is playing, if you want to start it over. The "Stop" button usually has a square symbol on it and is located near the "Pause" and "Fast Forward" buttons.

Step 2

Press the down arrow found under the "Select" button to scroll down the list of options. These options should include "Stop and Save," "Delete," "Resume Play," and "Start Over."

Step 3

Press the "Select" button to chose the option "Start Over." This will restart the program at the beginning of the show.


Step 1

Press the "Rewind" button. This button is usually located next to the "Play" button and is in the shape of an arrow with two sections.

Step 2

Rewind the show until it reaches the beginning. This can only be used if the show has been playing for less than two hours.

Step 3

Press the "Rewind" button a second time to increase the speed of rewinding to the second speed. Press the "Rewind" button a third time to reach the maximum speed of rewinding.

Step 4

Press the "Play" button to stop rewinding at the beginning of the show. The show will resume playing from that point.

Tips & Warnings

  • A television show can be restarted many times as long as it is still within its viewing frame. If the show is still playing on live t.v. it is within its viewing frame.
  • Don't count on a station or television show being "Start Over" enabled. Always check its availability before planning to begin a show over.