How to Restore a Bricked iPhone

By Jess Kroll

A "bricked" iPhone is one with a black screen that can't be used for calls, apps or even turned off. You might be spooked at first to see the black screen, but restoring a bricked phone is easy enough. Just be advised that the full recovery time can be a couple of hours, depending on the amount of apps and other features added since the last full backup of the system.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with iTunes
  • Connector cable

Step 1

Plug the iPhone into a computer with iTunes, preferably the computer normally used to update the phone.

Step 2

Reset the iPhone by holding down the home button on the front as well as the power button at the top. The phone will go through the normal reset.

Step 3

Continue holding down both buttons. The phone will restart.

Step 4

Continue holding down both buttons until the iPhone displays the iTunes logo and a USB connection symbol. At this restore screen, release both buttons.

Step 5

Use iTunes to restore the phone's last full backup. After this, you might need to upload any apps or features that were added to the phone since the last backup.