How to Restore the Factory Settings on a Virgin Mobile Phone

By Larry Simmons

Before you enter your own settings, numbers, ringtones or any other data into your Virgin mobile phone, the phone contains a preset loaded into its system at the factory. These factory settings serve as a zero point to allow users to customize their phones as desired from the same basic template. Changing the settings can have unexpected results though, so returning the phone to the factory settings is a way to recover from any mistakes you make and begin again with a clean slate.

Things You'll Need

  • Virgin mobile phone

Step 1

Turn on the phone and press the “Menu” button located on the opening screen to open the main menu for the device.

Step 2

Press the “Privacy” option, then select “Factory data reset.”

Step 3

Scroll through the manufacturer disclaimer warning you that preset settings will be lost with reset. Press “Reset,” then press “Erase” to confirm your choice and delete all settings, reverting the phone to the factory default.

Step 4

Turn off the phone if it freezes at any time during the reset process. Remove the battery from the phone, and then place it back into the device.

Step 5

Perform a hard reset on the phone to bypass the phone's software options. Press the "Volume Down" button, and while holding it also press the "Power" button. Release the "Power" button to gain access to a storage menu. Release the "Volume Down" button at this time.

Step 6

Scroll down to the “Clear Storage” option in the menu using the "Volume Down" button and then press the "Power" button to activate the option. Press the "Volume Up" button to verify the selection. All settings on the phone and any third-party applications are deleted from the phone’s system, returning the phone to its factory settings.