How to Return Comcast Equipment

By Sommer Dowdell

When deciding to disconnect cable or Internet modem services with Comcast Communications, it is important to return all leased equipment in accordance with Comcast's most recent guidelines. Comcast asks that all equipment be returned to a local Comcast service center.

Returning Your Devices

Step 1

Call Comcast to notify them of your planned disconnect date.

Step 2

Disconnect all Comcast equipment on the scheduled disconnect date.

Step 3

Return all equipment such as modems and cable boxes to your nearest Comcast office, along with any accompanying cords.

Step 4

Dispute any charges you do not agree with prior to paying outstanding charges on your account.

Tips & Warnings

  • When returning equipment, obtain a printout from Comcast as confirmation that you have returned the equipment and disconnected their service. Comcast usually provides this information without asking; this report contains the amounts of any past due charges linked to your Comcast account. This will ensure that if you are accidentally charged in the next billing cycle, you can prove you no longer carry its service.