How to Return Comcast Equipment

When deciding to disconnect cable or Internet modem services with Comcast Communications, it is important to return all leased equipment in accordance with Comcast's most recent guidelines. Comcast asks that all equipment be returned to a local Comcast service center.

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Don't forget to include the remote when returning your cable box.

Returning Your Devices

Letting your cable service carrier know your planned disconnect date can prevent billing misunderstandings.

Call Comcast to notify them of your planned disconnect date.

Mark your calendar to avoid missing the disconnect date.

Disconnect all Comcast equipment on the scheduled disconnect date.

If you are unsure of which items to include when disconnecting your cable or Internet service, call Comcast for technical support.

Return all equipment such as modems and cable boxes to your nearest Comcast office, along with any accompanying cords.

Refusing to dispute charges can result in paying more than you bargained for.

Dispute any charges you do not agree with prior to paying outstanding charges on your account.

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