How to Return Something to Amazon

Items purchased from Amazon can be returned by accessing the Online Returns Center section of your account. Amazon will refund or replace available items within 30 days of the buyer’s receipt of the item and most third-party sellers have similar terms.

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Amazon offers easy returns
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Returning Your Item

To return an item that has been shipped to you, log in to your Amazon account and navigate to the Online Returns Center. From there, click Return Items and select the item you wish to return. Provide the reason for your return, and if given the option, choose whether you would like to receive a refund or a replacement item. Next, select your preferred shipping option to return the item as well as the method by which you will receive your return shipping label, if applicable. Once you receive the label and affix it to the return box, your return item is ready to be shipped.

Cancelling Items that Have Not Shipped

If you recently placed your order, you may have the option to cancel your order before it is shipped and before your payment method is charged. While logged into your Amazon account page, navigate to Your Orders and find the order you wish to cancel. If the order has not yet shipped, there will be a Cancel Items button available. After clicking the Cancel Items button, select the checkboxes associated with each item in the order that you wish to cancel, then click the Cancel checked items button. You will receive a confirmation of the cancellation by email and you will not be charged for the cancelled items.

Amazon and Third-Party Seller Return Policies

Amazon accepts returned items within 30 days of delivery. While this is also true for most third-party sellers on Amazon, review the seller’s specific return policies before purchasing an item to ensure you are aware of their policies. You can either access these under the “Delivery” column on the “Buying Choice” page for the item before adding it to your shopping cart, or from the Online Returns Center if you have already purchased the item.

Receiving Your Refund

If you requested to receive a refund for your returned item, you will be issued a refund once the seller has received the shipped item. In some cases, however, you may be given the option to receive an instant refund before Amazon receives and processes your returned item. Also, returned items may be subject to restocking fees or penalties under certain circumstances. For example, items returned after the return period will only receive 80 percent of the original item price, while music and video media that have been removed from shrink wrap will only receive 50 percent of the original item price.