How to Rick Roll

By braniac

Once a mere internet prank, "rick rolling" these days has become something of an art form. While purists might prefer the classic technique, there are many great options that take just a few minutes to set up. To learn how to rick roll your friends and acquaintances with style, read on!

Step 1

Master the Basics. In its purest form, the classic rick roll is nothing more than surprising a person with Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video when they least expect it. (See the link in the Resource section below.) For example, one could email the video link (aliased, of course) to a friend with the message "thought you'd like to see this." When your friend clicks on the link, voila, they've been rick rolled! That's it!

Step 2

Dub a Video. Another popular Rick Roll technique is to replace the soundtrack on an existing video with "Never Gonna Give You Up." Use a free video editor (such as VirtulDub - see link below) to erase a portion of the existing sound of the video you plan to edit. Then add back the sound, using a saved copy of the Astley video as the source. Try to time the start of the Rick Roll with a dance scene or other funny portion of the video.

Step 3

Try a Telephone Rick Roll. For a fun twist, skip the video part of the classic Roll and use only the audio. Using an internet dialer program (such as PrankDialer - see link in Resource section below), you can send any mp3 to any phone number. The phone number will be disguised to surprise your target - when someone picks up (or the answering machine turns on), the mp3 autoplays. Many of these programs will have "Never Gonna Give You Up" already in their inventory. If not, you can upload a copy from your computer.

Step 4

Create a Retro Roll. There are many internet greeting card sites where users can easily create custom musical cards. To use, simply upload the Roll (in mp3 format) and choose a card design. Mail the card as a birthday or holiday greeting and you've got a retro roll!

Step 5

Design Custom M&Ms. If you're a habitual Rick Roller, you might need to start thinking way outside of the box to prank your friends. Custom M&Ms just might do the trick. Add a photo of Rick Astley on one side & the words "Rick Rolled" on the other. (See the link in the Resource section below.)