How to Root My Phone

By Sara Bailey

Rooting a phone means you unlock its file system to gain superuser permissions. You can root an Android phone using a simple application available from the Android Market. Once rooted, you can install alternate themes and applications on the Android system.

Things You'll Need

  • Z4root

Step 1

Press the "Market" application icon on the Android homescreen or inside the application drawer. The Google Android Market will come up.

Step 2

Press the "Search" button on the Market's homepage. Type in "Z4root" and press "Search" to locate the rooting application.

Step 3

Press "Z4root" on the list of applications found. Press "Install" and Z4root will be downloaded from the Android Market and installed on your Android phone.

Step 4

Exit the Market and press the "Z4root" application icon from your Android phone's application drawer. The Z4root homepage will appear.

Step 5

Press the "Root" button on the Z4root homepage. The application will root your Android phone and automatically reboot it. When the Android phone turns back on, it will be rooted and you will have superuser permissions.