How to Save All Things From an LG Phone to a SIM Card

By Patrick Nelson

The subscriber identity module (SIM card) in use in LG's Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) cellular mobile phone handsets allows you to copy a phonebook to and from a SIM card and LG phone. This is a useful feature for making a backup---you can have two copies of the phonebook, one on the phone and one on the SIM card. It's also useful when you want to change phones---just copy the data over from the old phone to the SIM card, copy the SIM card data to the new phone and store the old phone---complete with a backup of all your numbers.

Step 1

Click on the LG phone's Call Menu icon. It has four dots and refers to the menus related to call, message and instant messaging (IM.)

Step 2

Select the "Address Book" label or icon. It will be the next label or icon after "Dial" and before "Recent Calls." The icon looks like a phone book.

Step 3

Choose "Copy All Contacts."

Step 4

Click on "Handset to SmartChip." SmartChip is LG-speak for SIM Card. The name and phone number entries will copy to the SIM Card. If a name is duplicated, then the phone will copy the duplicate information. You will end up with two sets of the same data.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also choose "SmartChip to Handset" in the same menu area. The data will copy from the SIM card to the LG phone.

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