How to Save Cell Phone Text Messages to a Printable File

Text messages are formatted to be read by the mobile device of origin causing issues when attempting to print one or several of the files. The messages are sent and received using any given short message service (SMS), and the data is typically only stored on the devices in which the messages were originally sent and received. However, it is possible to extract this data into a usable and printable format.

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SMS conversations are often used as evidence in legal disputes.
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On Android

The easiest platform for printing text messages is Android. Download the free SMS to Text application by SMeiTi and export the desired text messages to .txt format. This format can be read and printed by most computers. Once converted, plug the device into the desired computer, or simply use a wireless printer and print the messages directly using a wireless connection.

On Apple

When using an iPhone, a slightly more complex method is required to save and print text messages. Download Copytrans -- or any other similar program such as iPhone SMS Transfer Utility or iPhone Transfer SMS -- to your computer, and plug in your iPhone. Export and save the text messages to a printable format such as .txt or .pdf. Using standard printing methods, print the files straight from the computer which they were exported into.

Other Platforms

Other platforms -- such as BlackBerry, Windows or basic devices -- require specific methodology depending on the model of device. The general process is fairly consistent. Locate and download a program fitted to export text messages from your specific device into a print-friendly format. Once exported, use any preferred printing method to print the messages. Always be cautious to research a program before installing it when downloading any software that accesses a device's internal memory to avoid spyware or other malicious attacks.

Other Considerations

In the event that a log of which phone numbers sent and received text messages and when is needed rather than an actual copy of the conversation, contact your local service provider for a detailed printed report of the times, dates and phone numbers. Accessing or printing any SMS conversations from a device other than your own or that of an individual of whom you are the legal guardian can cause serious legal ramifications and should never be attempted, regardless of the circumstance or relation to the person or persons involved.

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