How to Scan a Photo to Facebook

By Robert Schrader

To share a photo with your social network, you must first scan it to Facebook. The social networking site allows you to upload any photo from your computer directly to a status update, which instantly shares the image with your Facebook contacts. Once you've scanned the image to your computer's hard drive, upload it to Facebook as you would any other image.

Things You'll Need

  • Scanner

Step 1

Place the photo face down into a flatbed scanner and press the "Scan" button. Wait for the image to appear on your computer's screen, then save it to a location on your hard drive in JPG format.

Step 2

Sign in to your Facebook account. Click the "Add Photo" button above the main status update field.

Step 3

Select "Upload Photo or Video," then click "Choose File," navigate to the image you just scanned and click "Open." Wait for the file to upload, then type in a description to go along with it. Choose "Share" to share the image with your Facebook contacts.