How to Search for Local People on Facebook

By Nicole Vulcan

Once you've delved into the world of Facebook to network for yourself or for your business, you may want to use the social networking site to find new friends in your local area. As long as you have a profile or page already set up, it's quite simple to search for local people on Facebook. To see someone's complete profile information, you'll have to request to be that person's friend--and be approved.

Step 1

Log in to Facebook by entering in your username and password at

Step 2

Type the city, state or country you live in into the Search box at the top of your Profile or Home page. For example, if you live in Tulsa, type "Tulsa" into the search box. People you are already friends with typically appear at the top of the search box--but scroll down to the bottom of the search box and click "see more results for Tulsa."

Step 3

Click "See More Results" to view all of the search results.

Step 4

Click on the name or photo of anyone you'd like to be friends with or find out more information about. When you click on a name or photo you'll be directed to that person's profile--you can click "Send Friend Request" to request to be friends with that person.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are searching for a particular friend, you can search for them by name by typing their name into the Search box. To narrow down the results for people with that same name, you can also include the city you think they live in. For example, type "John Smith Tulsa" if you're searching for a John Smith who lives in Tulsa.