How to Secure a TV to a Stand

By Akeia Dixon

Falling flat-screen TVs are a rising threat to children, causing numerous injuries as well as deaths. In order to prevent your child from tipping the TV over, you should secure the TV to a stand instead of simply sitting the TV on top of it. Whether you are securing the TV for the safety of your children or simply want to protect it from accidental damage, you can secure your TV to a stand relatively quickly and easily.

Things You'll Need

  • TV
  • Tabletop base
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Stand

Step 1

Attach the tabletop base to the bottom of your TV if it is not already attached. The base and screws are in the package with your television.

Step 2

Inspect the stand to ensure that it is sturdy enough to support the weight of the television. To do this, carefully place the TV on the stand and watch for any bending or cracks. Ideally, the stand should be attached to the floor or the wall to prevent it from falling over.

Step 3

Position the stand so that it is far enough from the wall that the back of the TV receives adequate ventilation. Check your television's instruction manual for the recommended clearance.

Step 4

Place the TV in the center of the stand so that 3 to 4 inches of space are clear on all sides.

Step 5

Drill screws into the stand through the existing holes in the base of the TV to secure the TV to the stand.