How to See a Friendship on Facebook

Friendship pages on Facebook are a snapshot of the relationship between to users on the social networking site. The pages include such information as past wall posts, photos in which they have both been tagged and the friends they have in common. You are allowed to view all friendship pages between you and anyone on your friend list, and some friend pages for other users, depending on their privacy settings.

If one of the parties involved in a wall post has not given you permission to see her profile, the See Friendship link will not appear.

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Log in to your Facebook account. Point your browser to your own profile via the Profilelink at the top of your Facebook screen, or go to a friend's page by clicking on her name in your friend list.


Scroll down to a wall post from one friend to another, between two people whose profiles you both have access to.


Click on the blue "See Friendship" link beneath the wall post.

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