How to Sell Shoes on Craigslist

By Tina Amo

Craigslist is a network of online communities through which you can sell things you do not need or want. You can list a large variety of new or used items through the site, on the condition that they are in a reasonable state or condition. When you list your shoes for sale, provide accurate and clear information so the buyer has a good idea of what you are selling. It is possible to become a victim of a long-distance scam on Craigslist, so it is best to focus on local buyers who can meet with you to complete the transaction.

Step 1

Prepare the shoes for sale. Clean them if they are dirty, remove any scuff marks and apply a polish if necessary. Take pictures of the front, sides and bottom of the shoes. Take close-up pictures of any damage also, so that potential buyers can make an informed decision.

Step 2

Proceed to Click on the city closest to you on the list of cities under your state. The page transitions to the main page of the city you selected.

Step 3

Click “My account” on the left navigation bar. Click “Sign up for an account” at the bottom of the following page. Follow the instructions to register for an account.

Step 4

Return to the main page for your city. Click “clothes + acc” in the “For Sale” category. Click the “post” link at the top of the following page.

Step 5

Click the radio button beside “Clothing & Accessories.” Select the area closest to your location from the list on the next page. Click the “Continue” button or wait for the page to transition to the posting template.

Step 6

Enter a title for your post into the “Posting Title” field. Craigslist receives a large volume of posts daily, so many posters try to make their titles as distinct as possible. If you wish, you may type your title with capital letters only or with a mixture of upper and lower cases. You may also include non-alphanumeric characters.

Step 7

Enter the price of the shoes into the “Price” field and enter the name of your city into the “Specific Location” field. Do not include an address.

Step 8

Type your email address into the “Reply to” fields. Click “Hide” if you do not want your email address to appear in the post. Click “Annonymize” if you want Craigslist to generate a mask for your email address.

Step 9

Compose a description of the shoes in the “Posting Description” field. Include information such as the brand name, size, color, height and age of the shoes. Provide a contact number if you have chosen to hide your email address.

Step 10

Click the “Add/Edit Image” button to add pictures. You may upload up to four images. Click “Continue” to preview your post.

Step 11

Click the “Continue” button to submit your post. The following page includes a link to your post. If you are not satisfied with the post, you may click the “Edit” button to make corrections.

Step 12

Wait for responses to your ad. Arrange on a meeting place and time with the buyer who is interested in the shoes. Craigslist advises against accepting checks and money orders as payment.