How to Send a Cable Signal to the Other TV In My Home

If you have multiple TVs in your house but only have one TV connected to your cable line, you are not getting the proper value out of your cable service. Cable connections can be split so that they run throughout the home to multiple TV sets. Splitting cable is safe and can be accomplished with proper guidance, and without any firsthand technical knowledge.

Cable splitters send cable signals to mulitiple TVs.

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Twist the connectible head of one end of the coaxial cable wire onto the threaded RF connector of the cable wall outlet. Twist the other connectible head of the coaxial cable wire onto the side of the cable splitter with a single RF connector.


Connect one side of a coaxial cable to one of the remaining RF connectors on the 2-way cable splitter, then connect the other end of the cable into the RF connector on the back of one of the TVs. Repeat this step using another coaxial cable by running it from the remaining RF connection of the 2-way cable splitter to the other TV you want to hook to the cable connection.


Turn the TVs on and try changing the channels. If the channels do not work on either TV, press the menu button on the remote for that TV, select the "Channels" option, then choose "Scan Channels." Select "Cable" as your antenna type and start the scan. Wait for the scanning process to finish, then you can proceed to watch TV.

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