How to Send a Restricted Text

By Lanae Carr

Sending an anonymous text is a great way to play a practical joke on a friend or reveal your true feelings to your crush. You can use a variety of restricted SMS text services available online, as well as through some smartphones' applications. The benefit of sending a restricted text online is that you can avoid worrying about data costs or download fees. Anonymous SMS websites allow you to send your message directly from the site for free. The only disadvantage is that the recipient cannot reply to your text message.

Step 1

Visit an anonymous text message website, such as or

Step 2

Enter the recipient's phone number and your desired message. Most sites limit your message to about 140 characters. You can add an alias or fake name to your text, if desired.

Step 3

Review the site terms and conditions, then click on "Send."

Tips & Warnings

  • Use anonymous texting responsibly. Harassment and other forms of misconduct are prohibited per the terms-of-use agreements of each site.Though the recipient cannot see a return phone number, the host website can refer your activity to law-enforcement authorities, if a complaint is filed.