How to Send a Song to a Cell Phone

By Regina Edwards

Current cell phones can play clips of favorite songs as personalized ring tones. You can select your favorite songs on your computer and convert them to an MP3 or WAV file to send to your mobile phone. These audio files are usually compressed to store on a mobile phone. If your phone has Web access, simply convert the files on-line and send a download URL as the text message. Free services such as convert and upload files in a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital audio file
  • Web-enabled cell phone

Step 1

Launch your browser application and type "" in the address bar

Step 2

Click "Choose File" button and select the desired audio clip.

Step 3

Click "Upload File" button.

Step 4

Select "Compress (MP3, 32kb/s)" and click "Get Download Link".

Step 5

Write down the URL that is displayed in the dialog box.

Step 6

Launch your email application and compose a new message to your cell phone. For example, the text message email address for mobile number (999) 555-1234 is

Step 7

Type the URL generated from (in step 5) and click the "Send" button.

Step 8

Turn on your cell phone and click the link in the text message to download the song.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure the length of the song is short because that will also keep the file size down. Mobile carriers may block messages with large attachments.
  • If you don't know the email address to send yourself a text message, send a text message to your email address using your cell phone or use a Web-based SMS text message service like Txt2Day. Alternatively, contact your cellular provider or send a text message to your cellphone number at your carrier's text message center domain.