How to Send a T-Mobile Picture to My Album

By Raissa Rocha

The T-Mobile Album is an online storage space for pictures and video clips captured on T-Mobile cell phones. For users with a limited amount of storage, this feature can free up phone memory, allowing them to keep memorable pictures and video clips in their Album without having to delete them permanently. Sending a picture to your T-Mobile Album is simple.

Step 1

Locate the picture that you wish to send to your Album. This can vary by phone, but often your pictures and video clips are found in folders such as “File Manager” or “Files.”

Step 2

Send the file to your Album by including it in a text or media message to the phone number 222 or through the built-in “Send to My Album” link on your phone.

Step 3

View your Album online by logging on to the My T-Mobile website. (See Resources for a link.) You will need to sign up for My T-Mobile with your cell phone number. It is free to sign up.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although the T-Mobile Album service is free, you may still be charged for picture or video messages that are sent to your Album.