How to Send an Email in Yahoo

By Aaron Parson

Every Yahoo account includes a free email account with all the standard features -- messaging to multiple recipients, adding rich text with colors, formats and links, inserting a signature and attaching photos. As a Web mail service, you don't need an email client like Outlook to use Yahoo Mail. Just sign in to Yahoo in your browser and click "Mail" to get started.

Step 1

**Click "Compose" or the "Reply" arrow** to start a blank email or a reply.

Step 2

**Fill in the *To* line with your recipients' email addresses, separated by commas.** To add *carbon copy* or *blind carbon copy* recipient lines, click "CC/BCC." Addresses in the *CC* line work exactly like those in the *To* line. The only difference is in style -- CC a message to a third party you want to update, but don't expect a reply from. *BCC* addresses do not appear to other recipients, so use this line when sending a letter out to several people who don't know each other. You *can* send a message to *BCC* addresses only, leaving the *To* line blank.

Step 3

Write the subject line and body of your message. **To style the text of the body, use the formatting options beneath the text box.** Standard word processor shortcuts also work on Yahoo Mail: "Ctrl-B" for bold, "Ctrl-I" for italics and "Ctrl-U" for underline. The "A" icon changes text and highlight color.

Step 4

Click the paper clip icon to [attach an image]( or other file from your computer, or to share a file or photo from Dropbox or Flickr. To attach a file from your computer, you can also drag and drop it onto the mail window.

Step 5

Type or paste a Web address in an email to automatically insert a hyperlink. To add a link in-line with text, click the link icon and enter the address and display text.

Step 6

**Add a signature to your emails** in the settings to append a message beneath every letter you send. Open the "Settings" menu with the gear icon, click "Settings," choose "Writing Email" and pick "Show a Rich Text Signature." Fill in the text box to create the signature.

Step 7

**Press "Send" to send the email.** If you leave the page without sending the message, you can return to it later in your *Drafts* folder.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click on "To," "CC" or "BCC" to pick a recipient from your contacts list.
  • The smartphone interface for Yahoo Mail works similarly to the computer interface, though it offers fewer features. Start a message with the "Compose" icon, write the message, add a photo with the camera icon and press "Send." To set a signature for emails sent from your phone, tap the menu icon, press "Options" and check "Enable Signature." Tap "Edit Signature" to change the signature.