How to Send an Outside Email to Facebook

By Robert Schrader

In February 2011, Facebook rolled out a new messaging platform that integrated standard Facebook messages and real-time Facebook chat messages into a single inbox. Also included in this new package is an "" email address for each user, which enables even non-Facebook users to send messages to a Facebook user's email inbox. If you know someone's Facebook username, send a message to his Facebook inbox from an outside email address.

Step 1

Visit the Facebook profile of the friend you want to message. Click your mouse inside your browser's address bar and highlight the text which appears after the main Facebook URL -- this is your friend's Facebook username. Copy it to your clipboard.

Step 2

Create a new email message. Paste your friend's Facebook username into the "To" field and type in "" after it.

Step 3

Enter a message subject and text as you would with any other email message. Proofread your message to make sure it reads exactly as you want, then click "Send."

Tips & Warnings

  • As of May 2011, not all Facebook users have been invited to begin using the new inbox -- and not all have accepted the offer. He must have activated his "" email address in order for this to work. If your email to your friend's Facebook bounces, this is the reason.