How to Send Free Text Messages (ATT Wireless)

By Techwalla Contributor

Even without a text messaging plan, you can send a free text message by email. Sending free text messages is slightly different for every wireless carrier. Read on for how to email texts to AT&T wireless customers for free!

Things You'll Need

  • Email Account
  • Recipient's Phone Number

Step 1

Sending free text messages is as easy as sending an email. Start by logging into your email account and opening a blank message.

Step 2

In the Recipient or "To:" box type the 10 digit wireless phone number including the area code. Do not add dashes or a 1 in front of the number or your text message won't be sent.

Step 3

After the number type

Step 4

When sending free text messages the first 160 characters will be sent. Depending on the length of your text message you can type it in the subject line or the body of the email.

Step 5

Press send and the wireless customer will receive the email as a text. That's it! Sending free text messages is as simple as that.