How to Send Google Directions to a Cell Phone

If you don't have a GPS in your car or on your phone, you can still get directions from Google, just by texting them. You don't even need a smart phone. All you need is a cell phone that has text-messaging capability. Text Google for directions and you will literally be on your way.

Text Google by dialing 466453.

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Put "466453" where you would put the phone number of someone you want to text. On most phones this actually spells out the word "google," making it easier to remember. Don't worry that it's only six digits; it works.


Text the word "directions," followed by the address you are starting from, followed by the word "to," followed by the address you would like to go to. For example, you might write "directions San Francisco to Los Angeles" or "directions 100 main st. Framingham to 509 pleasant st. Framingham. Add the state information, as well, if it is needed. With the San Francisco example, it isn't. The Framingham example also doesn't need it, as Google knows, for example, that Framingham is located in Massachusetts. If the town, however, were Madison, you would want to specify the state, as there are more than one state with towns called Madision. When in doubt, add more information, not less.


Receive a text message response from Google with the directions you need. The more specific you are in your request, the fewer texts the response will be. If you are not specific, you might receive a few texts from Goggle asking you what exact address you meant. If you pay per text, this can get costly. Also, the information texted to you might be lengthy. If your phone only displays a certain number of characters in a text, the text message might spill over into more than one text.

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