How to Send Pics to a T Mobile Phone From a Computer

By Kefa Olang

The majority of today's cell phones not only allow you to take pictures, they also allow you to receive pictures from other people. Sending pictures from a computer to a T-Mobile cell phone is a way of sharing your favorite images, including those images you did not take with your cell phone but have stored on your computer. It is as easy to send a picture to a T-Mobile phone as to send an email.

Step 1

Resize your picture if it has a resolution larger than 640x320. You can resize it using your photo-editing and management program. If you do not have a photo-management program, upload it to a photo-resizing website such as PicResize (see "Resources"). Select the dimensions you want the picture to be and click "Resize." Click "Save" and save the resized image to your computer.

Step 2

Log into your email account to email the photo to the T-Mobile phone. The address is the recipient's phone number + For example, if your recipient's T-Mobile phone number is (555) 222-3333, you type

Step 3

Enter a subject, type a message of 160 characters or less and attach the picture you resized.

Step 4

Click "Send" to send the picture to the T-Mobile phone.