How to Set a Fios Remote for a Dynex

By Maya Austen

Dynex is a consumer electronics manufacturer that specializes in televisions and DVD players, in addition to other products. The remote control that comes as an accessory to a FiOS cable box is a universal remote control. This type of remote is dubbed "universal" because it can be programmed to operate many different kinds of audio or video devices in addition to the FiOS cable box. If you are a FiOS TV subscriber and you own a Dynex TV or DVD player, you can set your FiOS remote to control your the device.

Step 1

Turn on the Dynex TV set or DVD player manually.

Step 2

Press and hold the "TV" device key located at the top of the FiOS remote control if you are programming the remote to operate a Dynex TV. If you are programming the remote to operate a DVD player, press and hold the "DVD" device key.

Step 3

Push the remote's "OK" button while the device key is still depressed. Release both buttons when the device keys' LED lights blink twice.

Step 4

Enter "9 2 2" on the remote's number pad.

Step 5

Aim the remote at the Dynex TV or DVD player and press the "Play/Pause" key.

Step 6

Slowly and continuously press the "Fast Forward" key. Each time the key is pressed the FiOS remote control tests a different code from its code library on the Dynex device. If the Dynex device fails to shut off, press the "Fast Forward" key again. If the Dynex device does shut off it means the code just tested is the correct code to operate the Dynex device.

Step 7

Press the remote's "OK" button to save the current code.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are over 200 TV and DVD codes stored in the FiOS remote code library. Therefore you might have to press the remote "Fast Forward" key over 200 times before the correct code is found to operate your Dynex device.