How to Set a TracFone to Vibrate Mode

By Jalisa Summerville

The vibrate feature on a cell phone allows callers to receive calls or messages without an audible ringtone. Whether you are in a business meeting or watching a movie at a theater, the phone's vibration alerts you to any incoming calls or messages. This gives you the option to either answer the call or message immediately or respond at a later time. Follow a few simple steps to activate the vibrate option on your wireless TracFone.

Step 1

Touch the "Menu" key on your TracFone. Locate "Settings," "Phone Settings" or a similarly named option.

Step 2

Scroll to the "Ring Style" or "Sounds" folder. Select "Vibrate" and tap "Save" or "Select." Exit the menu.

Step 3

Look on the main "Menu" screen to confirm vibration. Most cell phones will display a "Vibrate" icon.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although the steps to access the vibrate cell feature may vary by wireless make and model, the overall process is similar. Consult your TracFone's user manual for further details (see Resources).
  • Input your TracFone's mobile phone make and model and the key phrase "manual" into the website's search engine, to locate your specific phone manual.