How to Set a Vizio TV Output Mode to PCM

By Mike Benson

The default digital audio output setting on your Vizio television is configured to auto-negotiate an appropriate audio format with your receiver. Force the use of PCM regardless of this process. Forcing PCM sends uncompressed digital audio channels to your receiver. This is particularly useful for high definition audio tracks, as it prevents any analog conversion to the digital stream. Depending upon the source, application and your receiver, using PCM may increase the clarity and quality of an audio track. If your receiver is receiving a Dolby Digital format, you can force PCM instead from within the TV's digital audio settings.

Step 1

Press the "Menu/OK" button on your Vizio remote to display the onscreen menu.

Step 2

Press the "Left Arrow" button on the remote to highlight "Audio" and press the "Menu/OK" button to display the audio settings.

Step 3

Press the "Down Arrow" button to highlight "Digital Audio Out" and press the "Menu/OK" button to display the settings for digital output jacks.

Step 4

Press the "Down Arrow" button to highlight "Force PCM" and press the "Menu/OK" button to set the output mode to PCM.

Step 5

Press the "Exit" button twice to save your changes and close the onscreen menu.