How to Set Channel Reminders With Comcast

By K.A. Francis

When there is a show or sports program you do not want to record, but want to remember to watch, setting a channel reminder will alert you when the program is about to start. Set channel reminders on Comcast Cable using the remote control and the digital menu. Once the reminder is set, you can elect to keep the reminder, cancel the reminder or opt to record the program instead.

Step 1

Select the show for which you want to set the reminder. Open the guide by pressing the "Guide" button on the remote control. Page up or down to find the desired channel, then scroll with the right arrow key to select the desired show.

Step 2

Press the "OK/Select" key in the middle of the remote control. The "Recording and Reminder" screen appears. Press "Select" to choose the "Reminder" symbol, which is shaped like an alarm bell. On the next screen, choose "Set Reminder" from the menu. Press "Select."

Step 3

Ensure the reminder was set by going back into the channel guide and scrolling to the program. In the description box in the top left corner, the alarm symbol should be visible.

Tips & Warnings

  • From the "Reminder" menu, you can set preferences for reminders, such as the amount of advance notice or whether the television should automatically switch to the channel.
  • Remember to look for the "Reminder" symbol on the program description. The program does not change colors on the guide screen, like it does when you've chosen to record a program.