How to Set the ISO on a Canon Rebel XT

By Alan Donahue

During the days of film cameras, film was bought at different ISO speeds, allowing photographers to get better pictures whether they were indoors or outdoors. With most digital cameras today, the ISO setting occurs automatically. If you would like to change your settings to a personal preference, than the Canon Rebel XT offers customized ISO settings that can be quickly adapted.

Things You'll Need

  • Canon Rebel XT

Step 1

Charge the batteries to your Canon Rebel XT and power the camera on by flipping the switch on top of the camera.

Step 2

Adjust the dial to the large M. This setting brings your camera into a Manual mode and allows you change everything, from the ISO setting and the shutter speed.

Step 3

Press the Up navigational arrow on your camera. In Manual mode, the up arrow also represents the ISO setting.

Step 4

Scroll up and down through the ISO settings to select your speed. 100 is typical for very sunny days and 1600 is good for darker, indoor settings.

Step 5

Select a setting and take a few test shots to see how the ISO works out. Change the settings as needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the ISO set to 800 for indoor/outdoor shooting