How to Set Up a Bose Home Theater System

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Bose is known for creating sleek home audio systems, and this dedication to streamlined design shows when you prepare to set up a Bose home theater system. A Bose system seems spare, even Spartan, compared to other home theater systems-- at least until you put in that first DVD.

Things You'll Need

  • Bose home theater system

Step 1

Place the front speakers. Bose recommends placing the front speakers an equal distance on either side of your television screen. Try to keep the speakers as close to the screen as possible, but also try to keep at least 3 feet between the front speakers.

Step 2

Set the Acoustimass center speaker module. The best placement for this speaker is near the television screen, but do not get the low-end speaker cabinet too close to the TV. The speaker may cause interference with your television if it is within 3 feet or less of the screen.

Step 3

Place the surround sound speakers. Bose is known for having very small, easy to conceal surround sound speakers. The ideal placement for surround sound speakers is behind the listening area and a little farther apart than the front speakers.

Step 4

Attach speaker cables. If you have one of the Bose wireless systems, you can skip this step and the messy tangle of wires in your home theater.

Step 5

Make connections to the video system. Match the colors, and make sure that the audio output from the video system goes to the inputs of your Bose power amplifier.

Step 6

Power up the system. Make sure that you have set the volume to its lowest level before turning on the power.

Step 7

Make some popcorn and enjoy a DVD in the privacy of your own home theater.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some Bose home theater systems, such as the 3-2-1 DVD system do not have surround sound speakers. Instead, these systems rely on innovative speaker technology to create the illusion of surround sound. This technology is enhanced by proper speaker placement.
  • Try to keep the speakers at least the same height as the television screen. Also, keep the speakers at the same level if possible.
  • Do not make audio connections while the power amplifier or other components are powered up. You can easily damage the speakers.