How to Set Up a Cell Phone Voice Mail

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

You just bought your new gizmo (cell phone) and are having a hard time setting up your voice mail. You don't want to spend all this time on such a universal task that everyone has to do before they can resume their busy lifestyles. To do this simple procedure in a matter of minutes, complete these steps.

Step 1

Get creative. Your voice mail requires a recording of your name, a message that you will get back to the caller and thank them for calling. So, jot down a 30-second announcement or "script." When you get to the step to record your message, you will be ready to leave a clear succinct recording, not a tongue-tide, goofy, incomprehensible garble. The service is going also ask for a four to 10-digit pass code. You might as well think of that now too. Keep the code simple and easy to remember.

Step 2

Press and hold the key on your key button pad that represents your cell phone company's voice mail service. Hold the key down until the display says connecting or dialing. Listen for your voice mail service recording and follow the directions.

Step 3

Wait for the recorded instructions to tell you when to enter your four to 10-digit pass code and enter it.

Step 4

Listen for the signal for the 10-second recording of your name and record your name. Right after your leave your name the recording will ask for your personal 30-second message. Read your script clearly and timely. Try not to rush the message; 30 seconds is plenty of time.

Step 5

Determine if you want the pass code on or off for security access to your voice mail. If you do, now is the opportunity to program your cell phone. Push the key on your key button pad that tells your cell phone company "Yes" pass code activated. Otherwise press the key that says "No."

Tips & Warnings

  • If at any time you come to an impasse, call your cell phone service and ask for help. Also, cell phone services have websites that devote a hold section to support. Support helps you operate your cell phone.
  • Listen to your recorded messages and see if you said your name clearly and are speaking clearly and succinctly. It is also important to sound friendly and not bothered that someone called.
  • Most cell phone companies operate their voice mail service in similar ways. There might be some slight variances, but the above steps are pretty much universal for most cell phone companies.