How to Set Up a Dish Remote

By Chris Waller

The Dish Network company beams television shows, sports and movies into homes across the United States using satellite dishes and set-top boxes. If you subscribe to Dish Network service, a technician will set up the dish and your set-top box to get you started. The box comes with a universal remote that will work with the Dish Network system but can also control other electronic devices connected to your home entertainment system.

Step 1

Turn on the device you wish to set up with your Dish Network remote. Do this manually or with the remote that originally came with the device. Keep other devices turned off during this time. Check the Dish Network remote's batteries before you start to make sure they are fresh, as you do not want to lose power to the remote during the programming process.

Step 2

Locate the list of three-digit codes for your device. There is a code table in the back of the user's guide that came with your Dish Network remote and set-top box. Look up the codes by the manufacturer -- not the model -- of your device. You may need to use more than one code to find the one that works properly. If you do not have a user's manual, you can find the codes online through Dish Network's website.

Step 3

Push the mode button at the top of the remote that corresponds with the type of device that you are programming. For example, if you are programming the remote to control your television, press the "TV" button. The light for that device should turn on.

Step 4

Use a thin object such as a pencil tip or paper clip to press the small "Address" button located near the bottom of the remote. Enter the first three-digit code for your device using the number buttons in the center of the Dish Network remote. If it is the correct code, the mode button you pressed should flash three times. Push the "Address" button again to save the code.

Step 5

Point the remote at the device you programed and press the "Power" button. The device should turn off. Turn it back on and test all of the functions of the remote. If the Dish Network remote is not responding fully, repeat the process using another code on the list for your device until you are happy with the results.

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