How to Set Up a Durabrand Home Theater System

By Contributing Writer

Not only are Durabrand home theater systems inexpensive but they also have the quickest installation procedures of any home theater products. There is no difficult wiring and relatively simple choices are all that you are faced with when dealing with Durabrand products. This means you spend less time worrying about installation and more time enjoying your new home theater system. You will enjoy the simplicity and value while receiving a surprising amount of sound and versatility.

Step 1

Position the speakers in the room. The speakers are labeled for their particular location. If you decide to mount them, you can do so with a few screws in the wall. If you do mount them, do so at ear level when seated. You can also purchase speaker mounts that enable you to position them higher, angled down.

Step 2

Place the receiver/subwoofer near the television so that the cables can reach the television. On DVD systems the receiver and subwoofer are separate but for many Durabrand speakers, the subwoofer and receiver share a cabinet.

Step 3

Run the wires from the speakers to the receiver. Connect them to rear of the receiver. This is done by pushing the connections into place. Match up the colors, all connections are color-coded, and you can be sure you have connected everything properly.

Step 4

Connect the system to the television. Use the supplied RCA cable to connect your Durabrand system to your television. If you don't want to use RCA connections, you can use your own component or S-video cables to connect your television to most models.

Step 5

You can use RCA inputs to attach another device to your surround sound speakers. If you want to channel sound from your television to the surround sound you will need stereo RCA outputs on your television or a converter cable.

Step 6

Plug in the system and turn it on. Test the different modes to make sure that everything is functioning properly. Test the remote functionality as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure that the home theater you buy has the connections you want to work with your television.Because the wires are pre-connected to the speakers in Durabrand systems, you will be limited in how far apart they can be.