How to Set Up a TracFone Voice Mail

By Stephen A. Powell

While using a prepaid cell phone service may mean forgoing certain luxuries, TracFone customers never have to be without voice mail service. Provided you have purchased a digital TracFone handset, you can set up a voice mail account from the provider's website. Doing so ensures that you never have to miss out on important messages just because you can't answer your prepaid TracFone.

Step 1

Purchase a TracFone handset and airtime card if you have not already done so.

Step 2

Dial the customer service number on your airtime card and enter its PIN when prompted.

Step 3

Visit the voice mail setup page on the TracFone website.

Step 4

Enter your digital TracFone handset's serial number and telephone number into the appropriate fields. Follow the phone-specific instructions on the ensuing page to activate voice mail service.

Step 5

Perform the model-specific function--such as pushing the "1" key or dialing your own telephone number--to configure your voice mail settings. Follow the automated prompts to create a password and select or create a greeting.