How to Set Up Fido Voicemail

By Michael Ryan

Setting up Fido voice mail lets callers leave voice messages in the event you are unable to answer a call. You must set up Fido voice mail before accessing your messages for the first time. The configuration process allows you to create a personal greeting and personal access code that prevents unauthorized access to your messages. Once Fido voice mail is set up, you can even listen to voice mails from any touch-tone phone by calling a Fido message retrieval number.

Things You'll Need

  • Fido account

Step 1

Press and hold the "1" key on the Fido cell phone to connect to the voice mail for the first time. Wait until the phone screen shows that it is dialing the voice mail service.

Step 2

Create a personal access code by typing it on the phone's keypad. The access code can range between four and 10 digits in length.

Step 3

Press the "#" key to accept and save the access code.

Step 4

Create a personal greeting after you are prompted to do so.

Step 5

Press "#" to save the greeting.

Step 6

Record your name or the company name you would like announced to individuals who call the Fido phone and get your voice mail.

Step 7

Press "#" to save the recorded name.

Step 8

Press the "End" key to hang up the call and complete voice mail setup.