How to Set Up Juno Email on iPhone

By Jason Spidle

If you have a Juno premium account, it is possible to set up your iPhone to retrieve and sync your email so that you have portable access to your account. Juno premium subscribers are offered POP (Post Office Protocol) email access so that they can set up their email accounts with whatever applications or devices they wish to use. By utilizing this protocol on your iPhone, you can download your messages on your device as they arrive while leaving them on the Juno servers to be read through their online interface or from your desktop email program. The iPhone makes setting up POP email accounts a breeze, and you should be able to connect your Juno account in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Select the "Mail" icon from the iPhone home screen.

Step 2

Choose "Settings" to add an email account.

Step 3

Select "Mail, Contacts and Calendar," and then select "New Account."

Step 4

Choose the "Other" email account type.

Step 5

Enter your name, email address and password into the specified fields, and then select "Save." You may also name your email account.

Step 6

Specify "POP" as your email account type.

Step 7

Enter just the first part of your email address as the user name (without ""), "" (without quotations) as the incoming server address and "" (without quotations) as the outgoing server address. Select "Save." This will complete the iPhone email setup wizard and redirect you to the settings page for your just configured email account.

Step 8

Select "Advanced."

Step 9

Set the incoming server port to "110" and the outgoing server field to "587", turn off SSL, and then select "Save."