How to Set Up Ringback Tones

By Riz Khan

A fun and simple way of personalizing your phone is to set up ringback tones. When a ringback tone is activated on your phone, anyone calling you on your phone will hear the selected tone instead of the regular dial tone of the phone. Ringback tone service is offered for a fixed monthly fee by all the major network carriers in the U.S., including AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Separate charges also apply for every ringback tone that you install on the handset.

Step 1

Purchase ringback tones from AT&T wireless carrier. Open the main menu of the phone and navigate to "AT&T Mall." Scroll down to "Tones & Wallpapers." A variety of ringback tones will be available under this menu. Select the tone that you want to set up. As of February 2011, AT&T offers ringback tone service for $0.99 every month. You are also charged $1.99 every time you switch to a new ringback tone.

Step 2

Set up ringback tones on your Sprint phone. Sprint network's Digital Lounge offers a variety of personalized ringback tones. Choose the phone from the options given, and select the ringback tone you want to set up. To make the purchase, click the "Log in" button and sign in to your Sprint account. As of 2011, Sprint ringback tone service is priced at $1.50 for 90 days.

Step 3

Activate ringback tones on your Verizon phone. Open the main menu of the phone and compose a new message under the "Message" submenu. Type "RBT" in the body of the message and enter "728" in the "To" field. Send the message. In response to your request, Verizon network will SMS you a list of available ringback tones. The song ID for every tone is also listed. Select the ringback tone that you want to set up and note its song ID. Compose a new text message. Enter the song ID in the message field and send your message to "728." The selected ringback tone will be activated on your handset.