How to Set up Wireless Headphones

By Peyton Brookes

Wireless headphones provide a convenient method to enjoy your music or other home audio.Wireless components allow you to listen to music or movies without being tethered to one spot. As a result, they limit hazards and increase mobility with the added courtesy afforded to other members of your household. The headphones communicate with your audio devices using radio waves converted through a transmitter. To set up wireless headphones, you need a few items that should have come with the model.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless headphone transmitter
  • Audio connection cables
  • Power adapter
  • Charger or batteries

Step 1

Insert the AC/DC power adapter plug into the wireless transmitter and turn it on.

Step 2

Insert the audio cables that came with the headphones into your audio system. Insert the other end of the cables into the transmitter that came with the headphone system.

Step 3

Place the headphones on the charging dock. Ensure the headphones are fully charged prior to using them. Alternatively, if your headphones require rechargeable batteries, insert them and turn the headphones on.

Step 4

Tune the headphones to the same frequency the transmitter is using. You can check the base of the transmitter for the frequency or channel. Push the "Tune" button on the headphones to initiate the search for the frequency.

Step 5

Tune your audio system to a radio station or turn on a song. Confirm that the headphones are working by turning the volume up and down. Make sure no sound is coming from the speaker installed to your audio system.