How to Ship an iPhone

By Kristen Leonard

Shipping an expensive and delicate item such as an iPhone can be a stressful process; many small parts can chip, crack or break, making the iPhone useless. How the item is packed, shipped and handled will determine if it arrives in the same condition as it shipped.

How to Safely Ship an iPhone

Step 1

Find a strong box free of holes and tears or a padded envelope.

Step 2

Line the box with cushioning material such as shredded newspaper or tissue paper.

Step 3

Wrap the iPhone in padding material such as bubble wrap and place in the center of the package.

Step 4

Layer additional newspaper, tissue or bubble wrap around the sides and on top of the iPhone; use enough packaging material so the phone will not shift during transit.

Step 5

Tape the package closed securely using clear packaging tape, carefully reinforcing all sides and seams.

Step 6

Make sure the correct addresses for the sender and recipient are printed clearly and legibly on the package, preferably in permanent marker to prevent smearing.

Step 7

Ship the package using a reliable shipping service such as the U.S. Postal Service, UPS or FedEx that will provide tracking information and insurance in case the package is lost or stolen.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep all documentation on the package, including receipts for the item, receipts for shipping, and tracking and insurances numbers. These may be needed to make an insurance claim if the package is lost or damaged in transit.