How to Ship an LCD TV

If you're shipping an LCD TV, you'll want to ship it safely. Due to the size of these TVs, as well as their cost and fragility, it is very important that you handle the shipment properly. With a little care and the right materials, you can ship an LCD TV to its intended location and ensure that it arrives in safe working order.

What You’ll Need

First gather your shipping materials. This includes a box that is large enough to snugly hold the television. If you have the original box, that is ideal — if not, find one as close to the same size as possible. Next, gather together packing material, such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Locate a thick moving blanket for added protection. Last, you'll need packing tape and stickers that label the box as Fragile.

Preparing the TV

Once you have all the materials together, prepare the LCD TV. Start by wrapping up the power cord and taping it to the back of the television. Next, wrap the TV in a thick moving blanket, and secure the blanket in place with tape — don’t use clips, as they could cause pressure on the TV during shipment.

Packing the TV

Once the box is set up, place a layer of packing materials along the bottom of the box. Carefully slide the TV into the box. This should be done slowly and carefully — have a friend help you to move the TV, if possible, to ensure that it's a steady process. Once the device is in place, fill the surrounding area around the TV with more packing material. Make sure it is completely full, but don’t forcibly compress materials on the device. Take care to ensure that there is packing material covering the top of the television as well. When done, close up the box and seal it with shipping tape.

Labeling the Box

Finally, label the box on every side with a sticker labeled "Fragile." For larger TVs, it's helpful to add multiple labels to both the front and back to ensure that they are always visible.

Shipping the TV

Finally, once the TV is all packed up and labeled, you will need to take it down to your local post office or shipping company. Ask the shipper for shipping insurance. Shipping insurance costs will vary depending on what company you use for shipping — according to the US Post Office, you can insure a package valued up to $5,000.