How to Sign Up for

By Elvis Michael

Amazon is an online marketplace that focuses on a wide range of items, including books, electronics, software, jewelry and more. The site is also available internationally, expanding its services to countries such as Japan, where both English and Japanese-based items are sold. If you're a current resident or visitor, you may sign up to Amazon's Japanese marketplace to browse for and buy any desired item.

Step 1

Visit the English-translated version of, which features most sentences in the English language, with the exception of certain website features and links.

Step 2

Click the link found at the very top of the page (next to the logo) which is written in Japanese characters. Its English equivalent translates to "New Customer? Start Here."

Step 3

Enter your primary email address into its respective field. Then click the "No, I am a New Customer" radio button. Note that this potion is written in English, while the yellow button shown underneath is written in Japanese, which translates to "Sign in Using Our Secure Server."

Step 4

Enter all required information, including your full name, your name pronunciation, as well as repeating the previously inserted email address for verification purposes. As the name pronunciation field is required, input it the most appropriate way people would pronounce it. Note that you can repeat the same full-name details in this field.

Step 5

Click the yellow button at the bottom of the form to finalize the signup process.

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