How to Sign Up for an Account on Craigslist

By Steve Gregory

Although you can post an ad on Craigslist without an account -- except in a few [categories]( -- opening an account gives you access to specific benefits, such as managing all your posts from one central location. **You need only a Web browser and an email address to sign up for a free Craigslist account.**

Step 1

Browse to the [Craigslist home page]( and then click the **My Account** text link under the website's logo to open the Account Log In page.

Step 2

Click the **Sign Up for an Account** text link to open the Craigslist Account Signup page.

Step 3

**Enter your email address** in the Email Address field and click the **Create Account** button. Craigslist sends a verification email to your email address.

Step 4

Log in to your email account and **open the verification email from Craigslist**. The email's subject line has the words "New Craigslist Account." **Click the verification link** in the message to open the Craigslist Account Signup page to enter a password for your account.

Step 5

**Enter your new password** in each Password field. Create a strong password that has a minimum of eight alphanumeric characters to help secure your account. For example, create a password that has nine characters with a combination of numbers and lower and upper case letters. Click **Submit Password and Log In** to save the new password for your account.

Step 6

Click **Return to Your Account** to open the Craigslist [Terms of Use]( page.

Step 7

Click the **I Accept** button to accept the website's terms of use and open your Craigslist account dashboard. After you create your new Craigslist account, you can sign in to your Craigslist dashboard from the [Account Log In]( page.