How to Snoop Using Facebook

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Facebook is a popular social network for people of all ages, but primarily by high school and college students. The user makes a personal profile, posts pictures, and goes onto friends' profile pages to write messages. It is possible to snoop on Facebook and get information from profiles and postings.

Things You'll Need

  • Facebook account and profile

Step 1

Set up a Facebook account. It's free. Fill out the necessary fields in the profile page. You'll enter information about yourself and pictures, though not all this information is necessary for a profile page.

Step 2

Find a network. Using the network button at the top of your Facebook home page, enter the name of schools or locations you have in common with the person on whom you plan to snoop. Then join the network.

Step 3

Use the network to scroll through members and find profiles of people. You can snoop a bit this way, though you can't get into members' profiles unless they grant you access. You obtain access by sending an email.

Step 4

Get access to friends of the person you are snooping on. Then scroll through their profiles, and see pictures or messages from the object of your search.

Step 5

Invite people to be your friends by clicking on the "Friends" section at the top of the Facebook page. You need email addresses for this part. Once you're accepted as a friend, you can then access that person's profile and networks and find more people.

Step 6

Use networks and friends to get to other networks and friends in a seemingly never-ending chain of connections.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some Facebook users have taken steps to keep snoopers away with high security settings on their profiles. This limits what you can see.
  • Think about why you're doing this and what you might see before snooping. Facebook profiles are personal journals for many users. It's a personal decision as to how much you want to know.