How to Speed Up Uploading to Flickr

By Virginia DeBolt

There are several tools and applications that can make photo uploading to your Flickr account faster and better organized. In this article I will go over some.

Things You'll Need

  • A Flickr account

Step 1

Flickr itself offers a Flickr Uploader which can be downloaded from the site. It works for both Windows and Mac and lets you batch photos, create photosets, add tags, titles and descriptions to your photos before you upload them. When the upload finishes, the uploader takes you to the Flickr site where you can make additional tweeks to the newly uploaded Flickr photos.

Step 2

The Flickr Uploader is a good one, but it isn't for Linux. An uploader called jUploader works for Linux, Windows and Mac. This uploader works for both Flickr and Zooommr. You can set up tags and do some batch editing chores with jUploader before you begin the upload.

Step 3

For Vista users there's the Vista Flickr Uploader. Obviously, it only works with Vista. It lets you organize titles, tags and descriptions prior to the upload.

Step 4

FlickrSync works a bit differently from the others mentioned above. It displays your local folders and your Flickr sets and establishes synchronization rules between them. You can manage all of your photos locally and FlickrSync keeps them updated in Flickr. This is a Windows-only app.