How to Spy On A Cell Phone

By Techwalla Contributor

Are your worried about what your child, spouse, or significant other is doing on their cell phone? There are actually many ways in which you can spy on a cell phone and learn what calls, texts, and even emails someone else is sending and receiving. Learn how to spy on a cell phone and secretly learn what someone else is doing without them ever knowing. It is surprisingly easy to spy on a cell phone.

Things You'll Need

  • type of phone you would like to spy on
  • access to phone

Step 1

Choose Spy Software That is Compatible With The Cell PhoneThe first thing you have to do to spy on a cell phone is to find a spy software that is compatible with the cell phone you would like to spy on. You can find this information at many different sites. One of the easiest if Mobile Spy which offers a wide variety of spy software. Another is Flexispy.

Step 2

Purchase the Spy Software for the Cell PhoneThe next step will be to purchase the spy software and download it. Most of the companies work by sending you an email with the user name and password you need to spy on a cellphone. It also will include instructions for how to download it on to the cellphone you would like to spy on. Some software can be installed through a bluetooth device which means you just need to be near the phone not actually on it. Finally, there are some programs that let you pull information from the sim card rather than install software. Depending on your reasons for spying on a cell phone and how tech savvy the person is, you should choose accordingly.

Step 3

Configure the Settings To Your Preference To Spy on a Cell PhoneThe last thing you will need to do is configure the settings to your preferences and set up your log in to monitor what is happening. This will allow you to spy on a cell phone.