How to Stream Live on YouTube

By Roger Mock

The ability to stream live on YouTube is currently only available to YouTube Partners. These special accounts have to be applied for by original content creators. In order to qualify, an account must create videos without copyright infringements and have a sizeable fan base. Those partners then only need to activate live streaming.

Things You'll Need

  • Youtube Partner Account

Step 1

Download and install Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder from the Adobe website.

Step 2

Login to YouTube and go to your channel.

Step 3

Click "Live Streaming" at the top of the page. If you do not see the link at the top of the channel, go to "VIdeos & Playlists" and select the "Live Streaming" checkbox. Accept the terms of service.

Step 4

Reload your channel and click "Live" at the top of the channel.

Step 5

Click "Schedule a new event" if you want to set up a live show for a later date. Click "Broadcast now" to begin a live stream.

Step 6

Select the Flash Media Live Encoder as the source. You will be prompted to download a profile.

Step 7

Open the Encoder, select "File," and then "Open Profile." Select the profile you downloaded.

Step 8

Click "Start."

Step 9

Click "Preview Event" on YouTube to make sure the broadcast is working. Click "Start Broadcast" to begin the show.