How to Surf the Web on the Apple TV

The Apple TV media player's primary function is to allow you to rent movies or to access videos within your iTunes collection. The second generation Apple TV device also gives you the option to browse select websites that offer streaming video or high-def images. As Apple TV does not include an Internet browser, your surfing will be limited to sites that Apple TV supports natively. After your Apple TV device is hooked up to your TV and your router you are ready to start searching.

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Turn on your Apple TV box and use the remote control to navigate to the "Internet" menu. A selection of supported sites will appear, including YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr. Press the "Select" button on your remote to choose your site.


Scroll through your chosen site's menu options and select "Search."


Use the remote control to select the on-screen letters that spell out your search term. After search results have been compiled in the right sidebar, press the "Right" button on your remote to begin browsing through the results. Press "Select" to watch a video or look at an image.

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